The Incantanti Choir


12.30pm Ease yourself into Sunday with the Incantanti Choir from Switzerland. This youthful group are visiting Wales on a cultural exchange project with Côr Siambr …
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The Cherry Pickers


1.15pm Start off your easy Sunday morning with the finger pickin’ wonderfulness of The Cherry Pickers. This distinctly pink Ukulele Band was founded by Cherry …
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Reggae Knights


2.00pm 3-piece covers band Reggae Knights came together in 2013 to bring some reggae joy to the pubs and clubs of North Wales. Congolese drummer, …
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Heal The Last Stand


3.00pm A big favourite at last year’s Feast and fresh from Glastonbury  and Festival No 6,  blood-harmony band Heal The Last Stand are back. Yay! …
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Wee Bag band

Richard Williams picture. 07901 518159.
Gwledd Conwy Feast 2012.
General pictures.

4.00pm The Wee Bag band will send you home with your feet tapping and a song in your heart. They’ve been introduced already, but if …
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