Mr Phormula


Welsh beat-boxer, rapper and producer Ed Holden aka Mr Phormula, is an unstoppable force on the hip-hop scene.

Repeated TV appearances and consistent airplay on BBC Radio 1, Radio Cymru and Radio Wales, are the direct result of Mr Phormula’s slick production, compelling bass lines and unbelievable, bilingual, verbal dexterity.

And there’s more… Mr Phormula is also the current Welsh Looping champion and hasĀ  found himself featured on a track with iconic Hiphop artist Krs-One.

Mr Phormula’s live shows are built entirely with just the mouth and iare the result of a life dedicated to producing sound.

Wowing crowds from Cardiff to Leeds to NYC , this year he’s building on previous strong performances in LA, Spain, Italy and France to continue to astound new audiences across the globe.

Mr Phormula is doing nothing more than taking over!