Heal The Last Stand


A big favourite at last year’s Feast and fresh from Glastonbury  and Festival No 6,  blood-harmony band Heal The Last Stand are back. Yay!

Heal are three siblings and a close friend, four strong vocalists demonstrating effortless harmonic ability, accompanying themselves with piano and acoustic guitars.

Influenced by 60/70’s west coast Folk/Americana are back, these counter culture aficionados echo the deep sentiments of the Summer of Love, with an ocean of harmony like Crosby, Stills & Nash meets First Aid Kit.

Heal are currently recording a full studio album, set for release in 2015, which will feature additional musicians including for the first time, a rhythm section.

“Not only Wales’ finest, but quite simply the finest ensemble of harmony and melody that has ever graced this planet […] a group that never disappoints […] always fully loaded with integrity and cool.

To lose Heal the last Stand from time and space would be the end of this world as we know it.”
– AP Childs, ARTROCKER Online Magazine.

Headliners at Focus Wales Music Conference and Small World Stage at Glastonbury Festival, Heal’s single ‘The Gathering’ was play-listed on BBC Radio Wales and they were BBC Radio Wales ‘Artist of the Week’