Tasting Kitchen

Our Tasting Kitchen is a tasty new edition to the Feast demonstration kitchen line-up.

The concept is simple – see a chef or producer make something delicious with food made by one of our foodie exhibitors… and then taste the chef’s creation yourself.

SATURDAY in the Tasting Kitchen

Time Chef/Featured Producer
10.30 SIÂN WILLIAMS (Coffee Tasting)
11.00 NICK GRIMES (Seabreeze Aberdovey – White Fish)
12.00 NICK GRIMES (Wyau San Siôr – The Enterprising School Egg Project)
13.00 NICK GRIMES (Family Farms – Sheep Farmers’ Collective)
14.00 JOHN EMMERSON & JOE KERSWELL (The Mushroom Garden  – Mushroom Products)
15.00 BECA LYNE-PIRKIS (Conwy Beekeepers – Honey Tasting)
16.00 MATTHEW ROWLAND (North Star Distillery – Gin Tasting)

SUNDAY in the Tasting Kitchen

Time Chef/Featured Producer
11.00 SIÂN WILLIAMS (Seibiant – Tea Tasting)
11.45 NICK GRIMES (Edwards Of Conwy – How To Make A Pork Pie)
12.45 NICK GRIMES (Barcut Rose Veal)
13.45 BECA LYNE-PIRKIS (Sabor De Amor – Spanish Dishes)
14.45 CAROLINE DAWSON, CYWAIN (Seabreeze Aberdovey  – Shellfish & Crustaceans)
15.45 CHRIS MARSHALL (Snowdonia Distillery – Gin Tasting)